DVD "The Architect Antoni Gaudí - Myth and Reality" (NTSC)

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The catalan architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet has characterized the cityscape of the northern Spanish metropolis Barcelona as hardly anyone. The film depicts Gaudi’s career as an architect: unfinished works, the sponsor Eusebi Güell and the political upheavals all have an impact on him. His individual buildings may cause a stir, but nevertheless, seem to have an architectonic unique position without relevance in the modern age... The DVD (NTSC) includes the 70-minutes cine film as well as a bonus track giving insights into Gaudi’s private residence. Sound: German. Subtitles: English subtitled version. Running Time: 78 mins. Information Programme. Region Code: 0 (worldwide). 19,50 is the tax-free price outside germany.

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